Vietnamese Blend



The preparation process, as well as the blend of beans, helps give Vietnamese coffee its particular style.  


Most of the Vietnamese coffee bean plantations are located in the area of Da Lat, nicely nicknamed 'Europe of Vietnam' because of its fresher climate and hilly landscape.

Our unique blend of Arabica and Vietnamese washed robusta is perfect as an everyday drink.

We decided to name this unique blend after ther Marble Mountains which are a cluster of five marble and limestone hills located in Ngũ Hành Sơn District, south of Da Nang city in Vietnam. The five mountains are named after the five elements: Kim (metal), Thuy (water), Moc (wood), Hoa (fire) and Tho (earth).

We find this perfectly suiting with the 5 elements of this blend. Being: AROMA, ACIDITY, MOUTHFEEL. FLAVOR. and FINISH.

Marble Mountain

Marble Mountain


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